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Our Background

Built in the 16th Century, the house was probably built in parts to accommodate an ever growing tribe. As you walk to the reception, look up and notice how each window is different in size and decoration. You will be amazed at the skill of the artisans of that time. It has classic features of a Goan house like the ‘Balcão’ where you can enjoy the outdoors without getting too hot. An indoor courtyard called a ‘Rosangon’’ is a feature of our Hindu ancestors that has been carried forward despite conversion . The high plinth, the intricate windows and its sheer size give the house a stature worth reckoning.

Everywhere in the house we have tried to introduce Goan artefacts which we will be happy to tell you more about when you stay with us.

We also have a pool where you can take a dip on a hot afternoon.

इंटीरियर डिजाइनिंग


We wish to showcase a side of Goa unbeknownst to many and, we will give you tips on where to find the best sights, sounds and smells of offbeat places that give you a flavour of the real Goa. If you wish, we could arrange a tour to catch dying dance forms , catch a glimpse of ancient rock carvings or even arrange for an authentic Goan meal with entertainment to those interested.


We say -

Silva Heritage is an ode to our Goan ancestors and our humble attempt to bring to light our layered ’Goan identity’

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