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Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are subject to cancellation charges. The cancellation charges are as follows:

  1. Before 14 days : 50% of the amount will be charged.

  2. Before 7 days : 100% of the amount will be charged.


The Above policy is reference to Stay reservations only, 
Events will have a case-per-case basis cancellation policy.


If the Guest has made a partial payment, he/she is entitled to no refund whatsoever.

In case of any refunds that Silva Heritage owes Guest(s), the processing shall be completed within 5-7 working days.

A nominal cancellation fee of 5% shall be levied for refunds processed by Silva Heritage. This is primarily levied to cover payment gateway charges and minimal processing charges.

GST at applicable rates will be charged on this cancellation fee.

In case of cancellations/ modifications for any reason, clients/guests must communicate through the means of email, only then the cancellation would be considered.


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